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Perlin Noise is the music moniker of Philadelphia-native Bret Black. Bret began his musical journey as the lead guitarist of a rock band in high school. Later, in college, he found a new audience as an acoustic comedy singer-songwriter.

Bret was always entertained by the extremes of his lyrical content - his songwriter was always very serious and introspective, or completely ridiculous. A desire to find a soundscape where these two extremes could live side-by-side, combined with a love for late 70s punk and new wave, gave birth to Perlin Noise.

In late 2017, Bret began performing and recording original songs as Perlin Noise. In October 2018 Perlin Noise released the 8-track "Nobody Watches Me" EP. In November 2018, Perlin Noise collaborated with Bonsai Lightning, a college friend of Bret, on "Strangers," an original song, and "Sorrow," a cover of The National. In early 2019, Perlin Noise began performing with Tom Lessig on lead guitar and Mack Fields on drums.


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Perlin Noise

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